I am Shane Evans, better known in some circles as SHAN. This is my occasionally-updated portfolio / donation-begging page.


Most of what I do online has to do with hosting or designing websites.


I sometimes host the Sample Pack Contests mentioned above, and generally participate in them as well. This has led to a ton of way better music than mine being made by other people, and the environment in there is generally friendly and positive, so that's a way greater accomplishment than anything I can do by myself, BUT I also do things by myself.


If you like wasting money, please waste some on me! I have made accounts with a variety of money-wasting platforms for your convenience. Patreon takes a relatively high percentage of donations so I have provided some other options. If you donate through other means and you want the Patreon exclusive benefits, just contact me on Discord (SHAN#4438) or my shaneaustinevans gmail address.